Getting paid for Content Submissions

Hello TechNews Contributors,
Thank you for all the awesome content that you have submitted to TechNews. We know you must be eager to reap the benefits of your hard work and get paid. So here's how you can get paid.

Payment Policy
  • Only currently enrolled students are eligible to be paid for their content submissions.
  • If you have written more than 3 articles that have been published in TechNews, you will then be eligible to be added to our regular payroll.
  • You must claim payments before the end of the academic year. Any unclaimed payments will not be honored after the end of the academic year.

Payroll Procedure
To get Paid, all Contributors to TechNews must fill out 2 documents:

The above 2 documents must be filled out by the Friday before Pay Day

How to fill out the Time Sheet on my Work Tab
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Enter your user name and password, then click login
Step 3. Click on the work tab
Step 4. Click on 'Select Time Sheet or approve time' in the Time Reporting box.
Step 5. Choose the current pay period on the Time Sheet labelled 'Student Assistant - TechNews 203 G'
Step 6. Choose any day of the week and click on 'Enter Hours'
Step 7. Calculate values based on the payment rate table below.

Type of Submission Payment Rate Hours to Enter in Time Sheet
Regular writer submissions $10 each
1 hour
for each article
Staff writer submissions $15 each
1 hour and 30 minutes
for each article
Editorial article submissions
$20 each
(for Max of 1 article)
2 hours
for each article
Regular photographer submissions $2.5 each
15 minutes
for each article
Staff photographer submissions $5 each
30 minutes
for each article

Step 8. Add up the hours and fill them in the time sheet.
Step 9. Click on 'Save'
Step 10. Click on 'Submit for Approval'

Done! You will get paid next Friday!

If you do not have a Time Sheet listed on your work tab, let the Business Manager at business[at]
Please do follow up regularly with the Business Manager, if your paperwork has not been processed.