Residence Hall Association welcomes new and returning students to campus, reiterates role as advocacy body

Fri, 2017/08/25
Ethan Castro

Although the office of Residence and Greek Life exists as the formal staffed institution directing all on-campus housing, there exists a student-led organization dedicated to advocating for students and addressing their concerns with housing and dining. This organization is known as the Residence Hall Association (RHA). Under the leadership of its current President, Syeda “Sana” Zaidi, RHA is looking to start this semester off strong with a clear message that any concerns regarding the residence halls and dining locations can be brought to the attention of the organization, where it will be brought to the appropriate administrative bodies and translated into positive change.

In addition to its roles as an advocate and arbitrator, RHA also takes measures to create a community among on-campus residents through various programs and events. During Welcome Week, RHA hosted an ice cream social on first-year move-in day and a tie-dye event on the Sunday of Welcome Week. Both events were successful. RHA Publicity Chair Erin Nelson enthusiastically noted that “a lot of freshmen came and made friends that they will keep for many years.” The RHA Facebook page will be posting regular updates on upcoming events, including the annual Boat Cruise dance party on Lake Michigan at the end of September, the Halloween Costume Mixer contest, and the Cribs room contest. Expect more details on all of these events as they approach.

RHA also held a general body meeting last Tuesday September 22. At this meeting, the RHA executive board introduced the position of Floor Representative to those in attendance. Floor Representatives serve as liaisons between individual residence hall floors and the RHA executive board. There is no limit on the number of Floor Representatives a floor can have, so this position is a great entry into on-campus leadership. Moving forward, RHA meetings will serve as open platforms for these Floor Representatives to bring forward the concerns of their residents to those who can do something about it. The next such meeting will be held on Tuesday September 5 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in MSV’s McCormick Lounge.

To conclude, Illinois Tech RHA has started this semester off strong, with a strong emphasis on its role as a community creator and an advocate for furthering the best interests of that community. This organization can be reached at any time via email at