Destiny 2 Review

Sun, 2017/09/24

Last week Bungie and Activision released the highly anticipated sequel to their first-person shooter Destiny. Having had a taste of the game by playing the beta earlier in the year, I knew the mechanics of the game were going to be pretty similar to its predecessor and that, with now having to carry one kinetic weapon, the gear and weapon systems were going to also be generally unchanged. While it did not dawn on me during the beta, the new system regarding kinetic and energy weapon types created a nice balance to the use of the weapons, especially in the PVP aspects of the game. Shotguns and sniper rifles are now grouped with the heavy weapons, eliminating their reputation as being terribly overpowered in the original game. This creates much higher reliance on rifles, hand cannons, sidearms, and SMGs for PVP.

The aspect of Destiny 2 that pleasantly surprised me the most was the game’s story. Unlike Destiny, Destiny 2 provides a comprehensible, enjoyable story mode for gamers to experience. Where the original game had a dull story line narrated by the infamous “Dinklebot”, the new insight on the role guardians and the importance of the mysterious traveler prove to provide an enthralling experience, incorporating series lore and humor, as well as a memorable antagonist. Bungie also did a good job of incorporating fan favorite characters, especially the hunter vanguard Cayde-6, in the story. My biggest complaint, though, is that your character does not get a sparrow until after the story, making getting from place to place quite annoying at times.

Destiny 2 also provides new takes on loot. Players are introduced to exotic weapons and gear early in the game, giving them a taste of what’s to come. Exotic shards have been replaced with the easier to attain legendary shards, and shaders must now be applied individually to weapons and gear. The addition of new vendors on each planet/moon and faction currency has also helped add to the diversity of how players can get loot in the game. Although I have not played the first raid yet, which just opened, judging from the gameplay of the strikes and other PVE experiences, my hopes are high for a lot of great loot to come. 

Overall, I was quite impressed with how Bungie was able to keep Destiny 2 both filled with new content and similar to the original. The game seems to be off to a much better start than that of the first game, and with new DLC and content to come I’d hope it can only get better from here.