Career Services hosts Fall 2016 career fair

Sat, 2016/09/24

Kids dream about becoming different people in life: starting from a princess or a prince when they are five, to a scientist or president when they are ten, an artist or author when they are fifteen, to finally selecting a major in college. A student's major in college helps them decide a career and what they wish to be in their professional life. But to be able to get there, students have to go through a path filled with learning, interviews, and multiple jobs; whether it's an internship or part-time job, they all take students one step closer to success. However, finding a job isn’t easy in today’s world of high-caliber competition.

Illinois Tech makes the job-finding task easier by setting up a career fair every semester for the students, whether they are graduating students looking for a job or ongoing students looking for summer internships. The career fair for the Fall semester of 2016 was hosted on September 21 in Herman Hall and Crown Hall, the latter space being specifically catered to architecture students. The career fair began at noon and went on until 4 in the afternoon.

Many students spent all morning preparing speeches and dressing professionally, be it in suits or in skirts. All levels of students, ranging from freshman to graduate students, attended the career fair with hopes of a promising career. At Crown Hall a few prominent firms, like Wright Heerema Architects (who were one of the crowd favorites) were there, along with the American Institute of Architects (who have a student chapter here at Illinois Tech). RGLA Solutions was another firm that seemed to captivate the crowd with its commercial work in the field of designing stores and outlets, looking for greener ways to design efficient buildings. “IIT has some bright students and we are more than happy to be here,” quoted one of the interviewers, while speaking with a fourth-year student.

Meanwhile at Herman Hall, Illinois Tech's future engineers, computer scientists, and more were working their charm on the present companies, trying to secure an internships or jobs. Grainger and Exelon, which were set up in the building's auditorium, seemed to attract a huge crowd and were very popular among ITM students. U.S. Cellular, which was set up in the Expo, was also very popular among international students in the fields of programming and telecommunications. GrubHub was another employer that was popular among Java coders and Computer Engineering students. Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, whose motto is “a seasoned intellectual property firm with innovative value,” seemed quite content with the students' answers to questions about skill sets relevant to their technical work. A few graduate schools were present at the career fair, giving students a moment to ponder further education and its positive sides. There were also the U.S. Marines, Army and Air Force programs present, talking to students about lucrative programs and career opportunities open to them.

On the whole, the career fair was deemed a success by most participants, opening new professional horizons to many students for their lives ahead.