IIT plans ‘Divergent’ makeover

Sat, 2014/03/29
Katie Peters
In an effort to increase enrollment and change the image of the school, IIT has jumped on the post-apocalyptic young adult fiction bandwagon. After the school’s recent appearance in Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent,’ and the success of the film, administrators have decided to begin incorporating the ‘Divergent’ theme in the school in order to attract “a younger hipper crowd.” One of their changes includes new lettering on the school sign announcing the school’s participation in the wildly popular trilogy. In addition, they are literally taking a page out of Roth’s book, and new students must declare a major by dripping their blood onto their chosen department’s bowl of symbolic objects. The bowls include a bucket of bolts for the Engineering Department; luminol powder, hydrogen peroxide, and a hydroxide for the Chemistry Department; and a copy of ‘1984’ for the Humanities Department. Any questions about the new promotion can be directed to dauntless@iit.edu.