OCL hosts Leadership Luncheon on DJ Khaled’s Keys to Success

Sat, 2017/10/07
Ethan Castro

Once a month, the Illinois Tech Office of Campus Life (OCL) hosts a series known as the Leadership Luncheon in which students are invited to have a free catered lunch and partake in a discussion meant to explore the concept of leadership, oftentimes around a fun or culturally relevant theme. The most recent Leadership Luncheon took place on Thursday, October 6 during the student lunch hour, which is from 12:45 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. Facilitated by Assistant Director of Campus Life Patrick Fina, this most recent installment of the Leadership Luncheon series focused around American record producer, musician, and Snapchat personality, DJ Khaled. Khaled is perhaps most famous for his Snapchat videos from late 2015 into 2016 where he details his “keys to success,” oftentimes amidst a backdrop of luxurious living and a carefree attitude towards his life. It was these keys to success that Fina chose to use this Leadership Luncheon to explore, in an attempt to translate them into actionable items for Illinois Tech students to apply to their own understandings and applications of leadership.

Fina began the presentation by listing three positive leadership traits from the Financial Times, including an “orientation toward enabling thriving and flourishing,” “a focus on outcomes that dramatically exceed common or expected performance,” and “facilitating the best of the human condition.” It was from this scientific, corporate classification of leadership that Fina then shifted the discussion of leadership to the much more casual and approachable keys of DJ Khaled.

With keys that ranged from very tangible, such as “get a massage twice a week,” to very philosophical, such as “clear your mind and find peace and love,” Fina was sure that everyone present at the luncheon could find at least one lesson to apply to their daily lives. From a collection of silly Snapchat videos, DJ Khaled is able to instill the same sort of advice about living a happy and fulfilling life that other, more serious scientific approaches also convey to potential leaders. Perhaps the main takeaway from this presentation was how the day-to-day living of one’s life could still contain genuine takeaways about self-improvement and leadership techniques, and how one can still be thankful for the opportunities present in everyday life to become a better person and leader. As Khaled himself would say, “bless up.”