School of Applied Technology hosts haunted house

Sun, 2016/10/23
The School of Applied Technology hosted the “Scarlet Crypt”, their first effort at a haunted house-type attraction, on Illinois Tech’s Family Weekend. The attraction featured an arrangement of spooky props, some of which were made by student and staff volunteers over the past few weeks, that promised a scary yet fun tour of the Stuart Building on Saturday, October 15. Visitors were greeted by a rather eerie-looking Stuart Building entrance, which led them around the hallway by the OTS labs on the first floor. The trip was packed with fun props ranging from your typical tombstones, bats, and glowing skulls to homemade props such as an 8 foot tall Grim Reaper that greeted visitors. SAT student volunteers and staff also partook in the event, dressing up and doing their best to give visitors a good scare or two. Although short, it was a nice attempt at something new for Family Weekend, and with a reported turnout of 322, rather successful. The School of Applied Technology plans on making this event a yearly one, so look for them next year and tell your friends to go for a fun experience hosted by Illinois Tech’s own students and staff.