Sports Spotlight: Lukas Stanczyk

Sun, 2016/04/10

When Lukas Stanczyk started working for Illinois Tech Athletics in the summer of 2015, he had found a perfect fit as the new Sports Information Director. He always had a great passion for sports but was unable to become an athlete, instead seeking other avenues for involvement in sports. He found that he had “a gift and knack for writing,” leading him into sports media. The most time consuming part of his job here at IIT involves updating the athletics website with information and official statistics from all games played by our sports teams. He also manages all of the social media outlets for the athletics department, handles the game schedules and other publication programs.

Stanczyk says that his daily interactions with student athletes and employees are easily the highlight of his job. Only a recent graduate from college himself, he finds it easy to relate to the students he works with and is able to establish a connection with them, sometimes giving them school advice. When asked about the favorite part of his job, Stanczyk struggles to single out just one aspect but settles on writing. He started out his college career wanting to be a journalist and his combined passion for writing and sports led him to sports media, so naturally it is of great significance to him.

When asked for his opinion on how athletics is perceived at Illinois Tech, Stanczyk says that we are a “high academic institution” who put academics first and that’s the way it should be, adding that he loves the prioritization. Our transition from an NAIA school to NCAA D3 has provided more structure. Having been involved in D3 athletics for a few years now, Stanczyk says that we are pretty similar in most respects to other D3 schools.

Recently, Vignesh Rajagopal, a junior studying electrical engineering was named Student Athlete of the Year by the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA). When Stanczyk was asked for his reaction on hearing the news, he said, “I wasn’t surprised,” adding, “all the credit in the world goes to [Vignesh].” Speaking about Rajagopal’s dedication to his sport and his academics, as well as contributions to other aspects of the community, Stanczyk says, “that’s the type of kid that goes to Illinois Tech, you don’t see that type of thing anywhere else.” He added that he is proud of all the athletes’ dedication and work ethic, balancing their demanding course loads with practice and games.

Lastly, when asked about how students at Illinois Tech can be informed about athletics, Stanczyk says that they can follow the social media pages and download the Front Row app to receive updates on all games and scores and even virtually experience the games. When asked for his opinion on campus involvement in supporting our athletes’ games, he says that the IIT crowd “really gets into it” when they do attend, and even a half-filled gym results in a lot of loud cheering and a fun time. He adds that bringing a friend when students do attend can be a good way to start increasing campus involvement in supporting our athletics.