WIIT holds first general body meeting of the year

Tue, 2017/04/11

Even though the school year will end in less than a month, that did not stop the crew at WIIT from holding their most substantial general body meeting of the year this past Friday. The turnout for the meeting was rather large considering the typical turnout for school organization meetings this time of year, consisting mostly of radio show hosts and DJs who currently have time slots in the station’s daily program. Among the topics discussed included events this year that were hosted by the station, which included Battle of the Bands and station open house earlier in the year. Events Director Patrick Bartman went over the success of these events and encouraged the continuation of such events in the coming fall semester. Another big point of discussion headed by Technical Director David Sobel regarded the new technical equipment available in the station, including an updated DJ computer setup and new CDJs. The last topic discussed at the meeting was the selection of the executive board in coming years. This topic was especially important as many of the current members of the board will be leaving or are expected to leave the school in the next year or two. The topic was especially focused on the selection of the new station manager once the current station manager, Soren Spicknall, leaves. By the end of the meeting, the general agreement throughout the room was to hold executive board elections just before or right after the start of the next fall semester during Welcome Week, which occurs on the week prior to the start of classes. Final details for this new election process are expected to be posted on the WIIT website and social media pages in the coming weeks.