A 100 words - A short short story

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 30, 2020

She moved through the house like a ghost. Her limbs were stiff and her body ached. Her eyes had lost their sparkle and she viewed the world through a haze. Passing by the mirror, she saw her frail body and her thinning grey hair. She had grown older than her age.

She could feel a slight discomfort in her chest. She waited for it to subside but instead it grew. It grew till her whole chest was aching. It grew till she couldn’t breathe.


The house was quiet, too quiet. His eyes fell on the magazine on the floor. Scrawled right next to the title were two words that were hardly legible but he knew her well. All the walls he had ever built came crashing down as did the tears from his eyes.

He entered the living room and there on a sofa, hugging a magazine with a smile on his face, his father was snoring away. He knew then that all was fine and that all was forgotten. He knew before he saw the two words on the magazine: I’m sorry.



Appears in
2020 - Fall - Issue 11