33rd Street Production's "The Great Emu Offensive" - not enough emus

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 29, 2021

I’m not gonna lie, going into this I was rooting for the emus. 

The night of November 19, 2021 I walked into Hermann Hall auditorium with a few of my friends after getting food at the bog. We came pretty early and managed to nab some nice seats; I sat in the aisle seat next to my friend Tyler, whose brother Cameron Kanofsky and his friend Andrew Jackiw co-authored 33rd Street Production’s "The Great Emu Offensive." The play was loosely based on the real Great Emu War, in which the Australian military was deployed in small force to combat the emu nuisance in Western Australia. The individuals and loose series of events that transpired had been heavily dramatized into a one hour comedy. 

The play opens to the Minister of Defense receiving word from farmers in Western Australia complaining about emus interfering with their farms. After some deliberation over the absurdity of the situation, the minister assigns a small force to deal with the problem. The play then primarily follows the adventure of four characters: the major in charge of the mission, two soldiers, one dumb and one smart, and the minister’s secretary who has been tasked with reporting on the operation. As the main characters are led along a string of blunders the major drags them into, they are also accosted by the enemy. The emus have rallied; and they are ready for war. They have gathered behind their leader, the dark bird, who plots against the human protagonists as he seeks dominion for emukind. 

The play was a lot of fun, you could tell that the actors were enjoying themselves no less than the audience. It wasn’t perfect, there were a few jokes that didn’t land and a couple scenes that were a little awkward; but there was real charm and wit behind it all. The actors were lively and charismatic, each managing to give their characters a distinct and enjoyable flavor. The writing had some really clever lines and a lot of well-timed punchlines that kept the show engaging throughout the run time.

Overall I’m pretty darn happy I got to see The Great Emu Offensive. It was a very enjoyable way to spend an evening with my friends after a pretty demanding week. I greatly look forward to what’s to come next from Kanofsky, Jackiw, and the rest of 33rd Street Productions!



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2021 - Fall - Issue 11