Am I the only one who loves winters?

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Mon Nov 02, 2020

Probably you would have heard this often, "I hate winters," "it is too cold," "I can't wait for this to be over." Among all these people, I think I am one of the very few who love the winter season. I wish the winter never ends at all. Although I have a high tolerance for cold, I am not entirely resistant to freezing cold. But there is one thing that keeps my heart desiring them so much: the majestic snow that blankets the entire city making it an astounding visual treat.

Coming from a southern part of a tropical country, India, cold winters were never an option. I could visit the Himalayas, but my yearning was to experience snow from a city, which was a wonder and god's marvel. I have seen many Hollywood movies growing up which further triggered my desire. Even when someone talks about the U.S. back home, the first thing that comes to mind is the snowy winters. It is the major reason I chose to come to Chicago. As soon as I moved in, the first thing I talked about was the winters and when will the snow start. Around the mid of October, I kept checking the weather forecast in hopes of experiencing the snow and it finally happened in October 2019.  

My yearning for winters started 16 years ago when I was a kid from a book I read, which described snow in the most beautiful way. Visualizing things you love that you haven't experienced gives you eternal joy. I always dreamed of snow as a solidified version of rain. But my first experience was beyond anything I imagined. On my first experience with the snow, I saw the little white beads falling graciously from heaven itself. The first touch of the snow was a soft gentle feather that took me to a euphoric land of peace. It was a morning with shady overcast weather, where the snow looked like silver pearls. I wish I could have collected them and preserved them forever. It was one degree Celsius but I didn't feel the cold. I was in the middle of the street looking up at the sky like a kid, mesmerized by the beauty of snow. After then, I make sure I spend time in the snow everyday and cherish every single memory of winter. I experienced the first snow of this winter last week and I'm waiting for more to come.

Get your blankets and jackets ready, we have a beautiful journey ahead. The beginning of this winter will end the cruel year of 2020. Winter is coming!



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2020 - Fall - Issue 8