Veiled In Irony - "Among Us" Memes

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 01, 2021

I can’t take it anymore. Everywhere I go I see the “Among Us” character. I can’t use the word “suspicious” without thinking of “Among Us”. The internet has showered “Among Us” memes in so many layers of irony that the memes have become so neanderthalic and bastardized that even the phrase “Amogus” triggers a reaction from people.

Let’s take a step back for a bit. Memes in general have a sort of pattern where they start as unironic - meaning that they are attempting to be genuinely humorous. Once a meme starts to become widespread or mainstream, the meme begins to become unfunny and slightly cringy. That’s when memes start to be ironic - meaning that they are bad on purpose with the intent to mock the people who still laugh at the unironic memes. Often times, they’re nonsensical, or are just so dumb they’re funny, and to someone who has no idea what is going on, it looks like gibberish. Typically this cycle of irony occurs over a long period of time, but “Among Us” memes are a different breed. They’ve went through their cycle of irony so fast that it’s mind blowing.

“Among Us”, the hit social deduction game, became a worldwide phenomenon seemingly over night. As the game increased in popularity, memes were being made of it. However, as the mainstream began to share and spread these memes, the people who originally started them started getting bored and tired of them, alongside the people who never found them amusing to begin with. So, they countered that by ironically posting “Among us” memes. It’s honestly so hard to explain just how stupid they are. Most of the time, they’re just images of something that slightly resembles the characters in “Among us” with text saying something like “AYO AMONG US?????” or “WHEN THE IMPOSTER IS SUS!!!!”. It’s gotten to the point where the memes are literally just clips with the punchline being them saying “suspicious” or “among us”.  

Have “Among Us” memes become so ironic that they’re unironic again? Only time will tell, but these memes show us that “Gen Z” humor can be incomprehensible at times.  



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