Colonial Mindset of The British Broadcasting Corporation

TechNews Writer
Mon Jan 23, 2023

Recently, BBC released a documentary on the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi named “India: The Modi Question”. In this documentary BBC attempted to assess the role of Mr.Modi ‘specifically’ against the Muslim minorities in the Indian state of Gujrat during a tension outbroke just after the burning of a train near Godhra railway station, and the death of 59 Hindu pilgrimages in the year of 2002. Something looks very funny to me in this documentary, which provokes me to pen down some of the facts as a student of political science and international relations. BBC being such a prestigious organization ‘researched’ this whole situation (as they claim) but they forgot to accommodate a recent judgment passed by the Supreme Court of India which clearly nullifies the involvement of Mr.Modi in the riot. Moreover, the Supreme court has found individuals who were actually trying to defame Mr.Modi and registered individual cases against them. Now, how come a BBC journalist can miss out on such crucial information in their documentary? This is only possible if the documentary is previously produced and copied and pasted from the database. According to me, BBC is trying to play the ‘Muslim victimization card’ here which can also be proved when a Pakistan-origin MP in the British Parliament pressurizes the British Government to justify BBC’s claim. But the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak did not buy it. Entire Europe has lost its charm due to this ‘Muslim victim card’. Only Muslim men take refuge in these countries playing a victim card. Later, some of them create unrest and violent marches against the local government and communities. Have you ever seen any women from the Muslim world taking refuge?

As an Indian, I know how much such ‘victim cards’ can cost a budding nation. Interestingly, I have never seen the killing of third-world people being debated in the British Parliament. We all know that Britain was once ‘Great Britain’ when it had its colonies in the entire world. Well, they have now removed the term ‘Great’ (they believe they are not great anymore) from their identity. But I am amazed to see their forgetful nature. While the Britishers were ruling the world and India, they killed enormous people, they used to put signboards in their pubs or restaurants which says “Black dogs and Indians are not allowed”, and they abducted Africans for plantations (very good specimen “Tom Uncle’s Cabin”), they did every savagely conduct throughout the world but I have never seen such thing is debated in the British Parliament. I have gone through their website by rank and file but I could not find any documentaries on the killings of third-world people. 

Finally, BBC is funded by the UK government but they are not totally controlled by the government. This is where BBC is playing a role of a ‘Non-State Actor’ to sabotage the India-UK relation. BBC still did not come out of this mindset that India is no more a colony of the British empire. Their Queen has recently died who was the last symbol of such colonization. BBC must understand that a news agency cannot pass judgment against The Supreme Court of a country. Anyways, this documentary has been taken off the internet because of its side effect on the Hindu-Muslim friendship in India. I heartily welcome this decision made by the internet community. I also hope that the crookedness of BBC would be curved by the responsible authorities.



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2023-Spring-Issue 01