Beauty of Tiruchirappalli, a spectacular sight!

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Mon Nov 07, 2022

Tiruchirappalli or Trichy is a soulful, vibrant, small yet compact city in Tamil Nadu, South India. Like a cherry on top of a cake, so is “Our Lady of Lourdes Church”, an eye-catching beauty of Trichy. This church was built exactly 126 years ago in Gallo-Catholic Design. The church was devoted to Our Lady of Lourdes. The construction work of this South Indian beauty started in the late 1890s. It took almost five years to complete the foundation work. The entire church was built and it was blessed with its glory in 1903. Ninety years later around 1996, the church was renovated. The renovation work was completed and the church was blessed in 1998. The “Way of the Cross “ was constructed and blessed in 1999. 

The church is not only known for its outstanding beauty but also for the community that upholds the church. The parishioners are around 300 to 400 families roughly with an overall individual count of about 1600 people. The parishioners work in different sectors and are in dignified positions. They are of all age groups, starting from a young child to a wise old person. This aspect of people coming from various sectors, helps them to grow together as a community during difficult situations. During Covid, certain families were suffering financially because the businesses went under due to the sudden lockdowns. Schools were closed and online sessions began. For underprivileged people accessing online classes was very difficult without a mobile phone. Certain families were even deprived of good food during such hard times. 

Parishioners came together and helped in every possible way they could support. The extra mobile phones in every house were collected and sent to the children who were in need. Rations were purchased and sent to the families. Such actions of the church's people add even more beauty to this place. 

The church is also known for its grand celebrations. In the month of January, a splendid event is conducted for “Pongal”. Pongal is a festival that the farmers celebrate for a successful harvest in that season. In the month of May, a grand celebration for Mother Mary is conducted. In the month of December, the Christmas celebrations begin in the very first week. In the season of joy, along with the fun events, charity is also done. The church thinks of it as a way of giving back to society. 

This place is beautiful in every aspect. If any of you happen to come to South India, I highly recommend adding this church to your must-visit list. I would like to conclude by saying, a beautiful place is not only all about the architectural magnificence but it is also the community that it supports that adds more beauty to it.



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