Response: “Battlefield V” is no longer a failure in game marketing

Mon Oct 01, 2018


In an August 28, 2018 issue of TechNews, I wrote an article titled “Battlefield V: a failure in game marketing” that was rooted in the fragmented and sometimes even contradictory nature of the game’s information dissemination. Concrete details about the game’s inner mechanics were hidden behind layers of indirect reporting and, when combined with the widespread controversy over the game’s seemingly outlandish customization system, many fans and potential buyers of the game were left confused over its true selling points and merits.

However, it would seem that developer Electronics Arts Digital Illusions CE (EA DICE) has taken much of the community backlash to heart and has since revamped the overall marketing approach to the game, clarifying much of the outstanding confusion and finally providing clear details on the game’s core features through centralized online sources. Alongside a delay of the game’s release from October 19 to November 20, this new approach shows a heightened concern by EA DICE to take their time and properly generate hype for the game before its release.

In what perhaps should have been done all the way back at the game’s reveal in May of 2018, an official blog post on the “Battlefield” website titled “Battlefield V: Countdown to Launch” provides a clear roadmap of all the information about the game that is set to be revealed before its November 20 release date. The month of September will see the official “Battlefield” media outlets discussing the information that the developers have learned from the game’s open beta that ran from September 6 to September 11. Feedback from participants of the open beta and what changes will be implemented into the final game will be covered in a series of blog posts and recorded discussions between “Battlefield V” developers dubbed the “Battlefield V Dev Talks,” available on the official “Battlefield” YouTube channel. In addition, the month of September will also see blog posts about the different playable classes and combat roles available in the game, giving potential players a greater understanding of what tactical choices they’ll be able to make in the final game to play the way they want.

Looking ahead to the month of October, the countdown roadmap describes how information about the playable maps of the game’s multiplayer, usable weapons and vehicles, singleplayer campaigns, cooperative Combined Arms game mode, the free Tides of War live service system, and the Firestorm battle royale mode will all be coming in specialized blog posts and promotional videos. Although fans are still awaiting these information drops, the promise by EA DICE to go into each of these specific items is already a world of improvement from the scattered nature of the game’s marketing before September. Properly conveying information as simple as what will be included with the game at launch should generally be assumed to be common knowledge, but EA DICE has (somehow) demonstrated that this much easier said than done.

Finally, the release month of November will see a final information drop about the game’s biggest mode: “Grand Operations.” Described in the roadmap as the “ultimate multiplayer experience,” all that is said about this final piece is that EA DICE will “tell you about Grand Operations at launch and then how it will evolve during Tides of War, as you'll fight across other unseen and unplayed battlefields of World War 2.”

“Battlefield V” is set to release on November 20, 2018. Hopefully this new, focused marketing direction will be able to undo the months of confusion and outrage that many gamers felt over the game’s shoddily controlled promotional plan, with regular news drops and advertisements of the game’s key features and selling points leading up to the final release and post-launch service plan.



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