Illinois Tech: Bringing to light the stress busters

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 20, 2023

Did you all know that we have so many places at the Illinois Institute of Technology that will wash away our stress? I am of the opinion that mental health and physical health are the real wealth one should possess for proper well-being. I want to walk you all through the cool places many are not aware of at Illinois Tech. Let me start with the very obvious ones the ones that are obscure and known to the least majority of people.

The first one is where you can let out all your energy by playing some sport and breaking a sweat even during this harsh cold spring. Yes, you guessed it right! I am talking about the “Keating Sports Center.” The athletic teams at Illinois tech are called "Scarlet Hawks." The center has a lot to offer, one of them being the huge basketball court on the upper level with a hawk picture painted right in the middle, making it visually mesmerizing. 

Next up, we have a volleyball court which doubles as a five-a-side soccer area. Further south of the building is a small basketball court which also doubles as a baseball practice court where the safety nets can be brought down. I pity those who pay for the gym, Keating also houses a gym on the lower level of the building with a lot of equipment. There is a swimming pool on the lower level called “Ecko Pool.” Worried about drowning? A lifeguard has always got your back. Gender-specific locker rooms are also available to keep your belongings and get changed for a fresh dip. There’s a racquetball court too. Feel free to ask the student at the front desk for sports equipment.

I’m pretty sure many of you are very much aware of “The Bog,” a place for you to relax without getting yourself tired. You have numerous options like bowling, an eight-ball pool, air hockey, foosball, table tennis, video games, sony play stations, and a mini dance floor. Right around the farther corner of the Bog is a resto-bar for you to grab a couple of drinks. Make sure to carry an id to show proof of age. Keep an eye on the campus mail to not miss the events that are held at the Bog. There are a couple of games like table tennis and an eight-ball pool in the MTCC building too, if you want to play a quick game and also not be late for classes.

Good news for hardcore gamers and for those who want to unleash the gamer within themselves. Illinois Tech has a separate space for gaming and also encourages casual and competitive gaming. The surprising fact is that Illinois Tech Esports (formerly known as Scarlet League) space was right under our nose, and many are still unaware. It is situated in the MTCC building, right behind the study halls you can reserve. From local gaming to big tournaments, everything is brought to you by Illinois Tech Esports. You can be the next gamer, and it is very good to know that they provide scholarships for undergraduate students. It's true, you heard me right! Scholarships for playing games and is finally happening, which had been in testing since 2018 and has become official in 2021, as per the “Undergraduate Admissions Policy.” Prove yourself and claim your reward gamers!



Appears in
2023 - Spring - Issue 5