Choose you

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 20, 2021

Some chapters in life are better off closed without a closure,
Putting your hands over the flame for heat is one thing,
But burning your hand in that process is another.
Don't run behind the words unsaid,
This not a writer's paradise and neither are you Sherlock.
No problem can be solved without the very first step of its acknowledgment,
And the problem here is your dream world and fantasies.
No no, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying being all dreamy is a crime,
I'm just saying, your other half who broke that heart in a snap didn't have a back story but just didn't care,
That friend who let you face your monsters all alone was just ignorant not helpless.

So dream you pretty little mind,
About all the things you've always wanted to be.
Fantasize you beautiful soul,
About all the places you've always wanted to see.
Come on, that bigger picture needs your effort.
Don't let petty little things like how people treat you in the coarse of time affect you,
And most importantly, forgive yourself,
For all your flaws and imperfections,
Embrace them, water them, nourish them.




Appears in
2021- Fall - Issue3