Completing a month in “The 312”

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 20, 2021

With a swooned heart and a thousand sentiments, I boarded the flight that began a new phase of my life! In the wake of finishing the 20+ hour excursion and remaining in the never-ending queue of immigration, I was finally granted admission to the United States. As I was coming out of the airport, I could hear mumbles of the birds chirping, swishing of leaves, and could see the sun around the corner through the tinted glasses of the structure. As I stepped out of those spinning entryways, I was awed by the beauty of this city.

As a child, I gazed towards the sky, which appeared to be an endless ocean; and the sound of the birds was now music to my ears. I could feel the delicate breeze going through my hair and calmness settling in. I was glad to finally be here!

Taking a gander at the tall structures of the Chicago skyline through my condo window, and the sun setting between them, I spent that evening revering the architecture of the city and the night in the excitement of the unforeseeable future.

Today I have completed one full month here, and this city has never been less than perfect for me each day. From tiny suburbs to tall buildings, this spot has a thousand stories to tell. A stroll through the Magnificent Mile at dawn or a ride through the bicycle trail to downtown while enjoying the serene view of Lake Michigan and skyscrapers together, this place will never dishearten. The ride through Navy Pier and the ideal view of the city from "360 Chicago" is something that will leave you amazed. A lager from the Dovetail Brewery along with great cheesy deep dish from Lou Malnati’s will surely be a treat for your taste buds. Spending the evenings at the lakeshore while enjoying the sunset and delicate winds will always be the best approach to satisfy your soul and end every day here.

With each passing day, this city has given me more reasons to love and appreciate it. This place still has a lot more stories to unfold and many new faces to see, but now I am searching for that load of incredible moments with an open heart and a wide smile!



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2021 - Fall - Issue 3