Coursicle: "plan your schedule and get into classes"

Technews Writer
Sat Sep 08, 2018

What is Coursicle? As a web application, Coursicle has been a platform that allows college students to easily browse classes and plan their semester schedule accordingly. Coursicle was first launched at University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill in 2012, and since its inception it has accommodated more than 700 colleges. For those from Illinois Tech, the link is customized as

The co-founder of Coursicle, Joe Puccio, shared his experience while working together with Tara Aida (co-founder of Coursicle). Puccio explained during his interview with the TechNews Writer about his dedication towards making Coursicle a feasible project: “When I was an incoming first-year at UNC, I spent several hours trying to plan out my class schedule, and then when I finally went to register for my classes I got into only one of the five I needed to take. So that night, I started working on a program that would text me when a class I wanted had an available seat. One of my friends suggested opening it up to other students, and at the end of the registration period about 900 students had signed-up. The next semester, 1800 students had signed up, and it just kept growing by word of mouth. A few months later, my now co-founder Tara suggested we try to solve the other side of registration: the arduous process of figuring out what classes to take and trying to fit them all into a non-overlapping schedule. Part of the reason this task is so arduous is because the software the university provides to search for classes is usually very outdated and tedious to use. So, Coursicle really came out of a pain that we as well as our friends were experiencing while we were students. Due to increased demand for our text service last year (we started sending so many texts Verizon started blocking us), we had to switch over to an iOS and Android app to do notifications.”

On a technical note, the two co-founders, Aida and Puccio, teamed up with Ben Sagmoe (an intern) to develop a robust platform for Coursicle. They have written scripts that would extract all the course data from each school’s public listing of courses. After cleaning up these datasets, they would present it in a user-friendly format on Coursicle. Once on the Coursicle page, students can navigate and use the search fields on the left-hand side to filter down classes by subject, title, days, time, requirement, and much more. With the option of a Facebook login, students can also see what classes their friends are planning in real-time. Navigating through the calendar view, at any time, students can see what their weekly schedule would look like, and narrow down a final schedule by eventually removing classes that conflict. Overall, Coursicle definitely makes students’ lives less stressful, and planning schedule less tiring.



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