Technews Writer
Mon Aug 27, 2018

we don't talk about the hand
you put on my thigh 
as you drove me home
or the way your eyes lingered on my lips 
just a second too long
or your fingers intertwined with my own
as we watched the stars shining up above
no one mentions the fleeting smiles on rosy lips
the way you laugh when you're next to me
my head resting on your shoulder 
as we sit in the park
fingers itching to run through your hair 
and slowly pull you apart
mostly, we don't talk about the scars 
that cover our skin
never mention your parents 
or my sister's disease
or the breathless moments alone in the dark
when all i wish for is having you by my side
we don't talk about the wounds 
that never seem to heal
no matter how many tears we shed 
or drinks we sip
the way they seem to tear us up 
from the inside out
leaving gaping holes no one can see behind
we have gotten so good
at talking in silence
and dressing up our 'i love you's 
in simple disguises
we don't talk about a lot of things
the two of us
we pretend love and pain
won't be felt 
if we keep them locked up
and never say the words

          —i hope that when they finally get out
           they don't burn down and bring us along

Appears in
2018 - Fall - Issue 1