Data science: today and in upcoming years

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 23, 2020

Data science is one the main platforms which provides us with data integration, implementation and model development. Data science is also considered one of the most complicated disciplines, but a data science platform helps in preparing the data, building up the model and performing operational analytics for organizations. In today’s world, data science is driven by advancing technologies like big data technologies, and many more. Data science provides various platforms to work, including data scientists, data engineers, developers in different fields and business analysts.

In short, data science is the combination of various fields which include data analysis, machine learning, programming statistics, and mathematics. The field of data science uses algorithms and various methods to find information from various large datasets, including both structured and unstructured. Nowadays, data science is used in all industries including finance, healthcare, education and many more. One of the day-to-day examples experiences one may have with data science is interacting with Amazon or Netflix, when they give us recommendations like “Things you may like” or suggested shows. This is an example of a data science algorithm, like tracking and understanding the user which provides a customized list for each user.

As this shows that data science is one of the technologies which is ruling our life to some extent, this also shows that jobs in this particular field are booming like it never had before. “Big data engineer,” “data scientist,” and “machine learning” are the top three categories that offer the maximum job in the current scenario on LinkedIn. The job especially for data scientists had a rapid growth in the last four-five years, which makes it one of the hottest and demanding professions at present.

Earlier the data was mostly structured and was smaller in size, but now most of the data used by professionals is unstructured and includes various files from different sources like social media, online portals, etc. In the future it is required to have more advanced and analytical tools which can be used for storing, processing and analyzing the data, the traditional tools are not enough in the future. As data science has a vast contribution in making human lives better, like connecting the smartphone to smart devices, online shopping, online financial transactions all involve data science algorithms. In brief, data science is a high-paying, less saturated, and emerging field that guarantees constant development and growth in the upcoming years.



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