Day 575 of living away from family

Distribution Manager
Mon Mar 01, 2021

Fortunate are the ones who are with their families and loved ones at this moment. My experience here has been a roller coaster with so many twists like in a thriller movie. I have been away from my home before during my undergraduate degree back in India. But in India, I could visit my home whenever I wanted, relish the tasty mom-cooked food every day. Since August 2019, I have been in Chicago and haven't visited my family so far, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other circumstances. This has been the longest I have ever been without seeing my family. I do enjoy living on my own and enjoy new experiences in life, but deep inside there is always a yearning to be with my family. I miss being closer to my family, good and bad moments. Well, a family is all we have no matter what we do in our life.

Family is always a haven one can get back to. It gives us the hope to live and achieve something in our lives. Well, what good is happiness if one cannot share it with others, and who else is better than family? I do not complain about my life here. I have met many excellent friends who are always reliable and trustworthy and I am glad about that. But you can only be yourself with your family, they support you no matter what and stand with you even if you fail. They understand you for who you are and not what you do. Even if we don't converse much with our families, we know that we are in a comfort zone like no other. Families don't judge, they don't want you to go down. They will love you no matter what. I agree that there are many strained relationships in families, but there is nothing we can’t mend by opening our hearts. No one loves you more than your mother and no one wants you to succeed in your life more than your father.

It has been over a year and a half and still, I do feel the same love in my parent's voice. During my childhood, I always wanted to run away from my home to live independently but now I wish I could go back in time to stay there forever. I am planning to go back after college and there is one thing I am hugely afraid of, if I go back I might not want to come back here. Well, I guess that is life; you cannot have everything you want.



Appears in
2021-Spring-Issue 5