Time personified - the diversity of one's timeline

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 01, 2021

Time says,

I am precious,

I am a lesson,

I can be a sloth,

I can be a speedster,

I can bring you laughter,

I can cause you tears,

I can be a phase of joy,

And can last as turmoil.

But, stay with me and i will heal you

and you will reckon that

I can be a lot more than you desire.

You cannot out run me

nor can you fall behind

you may want to pause me

you may want to skip

you may want to jump-back to an earlier time

but I will always be moving one second at a time.

so walk with me and I will take you where you ought to be;

breathe with me and you will know what it is to feel alive;

cherish me and feel overwhelmed as I'm infinite.

Today I am yours to rejoice and celebrate.

Use me well and you will not regret.

You will breathe your last one day and will leave me for somewhere else 

but I will last as your memory and dwell.



Appears in
2021 - Fall - Issue 8