Does COVID-19 take a break on the weekend?

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 01, 2021

For over a year, COVID-19 has been turning the world upside down: the way we travel, attend classes, and last but not least how we socialize. Having been through multiple lockdowns and quarantine periods, it is difficult for everyone to stay put in one place, I totally agree. But does that mean we can socialize as we used to in the past? Research shows it is highly important for everyone to socialize now more than ever, to reduce the mental trauma a lot of people suffered throughout the past year. But does that mean we can socialize at the cost of risking ourselves and others? 

For the past few weeks, I have been noticing a pattern that is being followed. During the weekdays almost everyone wears a mask, maintains a six feet distance, and follows the COVID-19 state regulations, but what happens on weekends is the complete opposite. Does that mean COVID-19 takes a break on the weekend? I do not think so. I think it is important for everyone to follow the guidelines and to be aware of their surrounding from potentially risking themselves and others in the name of socializing. 

It sets a confusing double standard when people wear their masks all week in class and at the grocery story, then turn around and go clubbing unmasked on the weekend. 

I say so because this past weekend I got to visit a social place, and the environment was crazy, people were in the mood to party, forget their tensions, and listen or dance to some good music. In such a social place, where hundreds of unmasked and not socially distanced people are confined to a smaller space, it is a nightmare for those who are concerned about their health. I do not blame anyone, but I believe we should start retraining ourselves to socialize in the new normal.  

Conducting social events or attending them might be necessary, but the organizers and attendees must plan on how to avoid any negative impact from attending the event. I see a lot of concerts these days organized by socially distancing individual friend groups, kudos to them for coming up with such an awesome plan for us to continue enjoying safely. Even concerts that require attendees to wear masks are better than the alternative. With a lot of events going on around the campus as well as off-campus, be sure that you follow the guidelines put out by state and federal authorities, but that should not stop you from having fun. Have fun responsibly.



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