Don't get married to one technology

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Mon Sep 13, 2021

As a technology professional, don't stick to one framework, one programming language, one tool-kit. Explore everything that comes out. Also don't solve the business problem with one methodology. If you are comfortable with the adaptability, then you can easily survive in the information technology (IT) industry. 

For example, programming is just a tool to communicate with the computer. To communicate, people use different languages. Same is applied to computer languages. Don't just stick with one language and one framework. 

In the past decade we know there has been a tremendous growth in technology, and all the improvements are possible only when the industry is trying out different possibilities. So the same is expected for the employee who is working in the industry. If you are comfortable with the adaptability then you can easily survive in the IT industry. 

While you are working on different kinds of projects, there is more of a possibility of encountering different technologies. So during that time, don't be a fanboy or fangirl for that particular technology. You just have to use this technology for this project should be your mindset. 

While learning a programming language, learn the data structure, the algorithms, and the basic syntax. The algorithms are not going to change, only the way of communicating with the computer changes. So learn the “Data Structure and Algorithms” rather than memorizing the syntax. 

While writing the code, always write clean and simple code. Don't use fancy functions to show your smartness in the code. Because everyone in the working environment should need to understand your implementation. All the fancy functions are only going to help in the competitive coding, once you enter into the industry nobody is going to expect your fancy functions. Always have a clean and simple code.  

Nowadays, you can see people started to learn all the fancy trends, every company uses their own methodologies. So it is not advisable to learn all the upcoming trends. Don’t learn the technology just because it got hyped in the recent years. For example Amazon, Google, Microsoft, all these companies, use their own technology. It is not advisable for an individual to learn all the technologies developed by these above mentioned companies. Just learn the basics and improve your skills in communicating with people, organizing your presentation, and tackling the situation when your team is in a low state.





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2021 - Fall - issue 2