Eeriest deserted places around the world

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Mon Mar 29, 2021

Some towns have their own story, and even when there is no person around, you can still sense the activity nearby which makes it so eerie that cause people to stop visiting in the first place. Though few people are so interested in visiting ghost places and checking paranormal activities for fun, there are a few places around the world which even they would give a second thought before visiting just for entertainment purposes.

One of the famous ghost towns in U.S. is Bodie, Nevada, which was abandoned in the 20th century due to a nearby fire. It was declared as a State Historic park in 1960.

How do you feel about an abandoned church to visit? A bit scary to be honest, right? Well, you can surely find one in desolated village located in Eifel National Park of Germany. The hamlet was converted into a Nazi training center, evacuating all the inhabitants after World War Two. The military grounds were abandoned around the 21st century and haven’t been visited since then. Another eerie place to consider is the ghost town in France named Oradour-sur-Glane. The village hasn’t changed since 1944 when Nazi troops murdered 642 people, leaving no person around alive.

Ukraine’s Pripyat is one of the eeriest places around the world which used to be an industrial city with population of over 50,000 people. Now it's a ghost town. The city and nearby areas were abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s reactor exploded causing massive fire and releasing hazardous radioactive chemicals and radiations. The creepiest site is the creaking Ferris Wheel and bumper cars at Pripyat’s Amusement Park.

Italy’s Matera in the province Craco is another desolated place which was abandoned due to plague that took significant number of lives during the 17th century and the landslides which ultimately resulted in every resident to leave around the 20th century. The town has been abandoned since then to crumble. One of the most inaccessible and isolated churches resides in remote Imereti region of Georgia at the height of 130 feet tall limestone Katskhi pillar. Would you dare visit this fear-inducing location just for the sake of fun? Sigiriya in Sri Lanka which once used to be a fortress built by King Kashyapa I in 5th century AD stands about 650 feet above surrounding forests and hence deserted.

These places might look pretty from the air but would you ever want to visit them in person?



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