The flicker of hope

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 06, 2023

They say a person can lose anything in life but hope. The constant feeling of things getting better and everything will be fine is the sole reason behind the existence of humankind.

Remember how 2020 was not a great year for all of us? Didn’t we assume the worst thing to happen is the end of the world? But we made it through! The reason being HOPE. Hope for surviving to carve your future, the hope to live for those who love you and who you love, the hope to not leave the world without achieving that one dream that you’ve been dreaming of since you were 12, hope to create a better place for all the lives. Last year was a break for all of us, which made us realise the sheer importance of being alive. The fact is that if you’re alive and full of hope and optimism, you’re an unbreakable strength, and no amount of force can break you down unless you, yourself, give up.

Being stuck inside our homes, unable to go out or see our friends and family, and coping with depression was near to impossible for many of us. But, we somehow managed to face it all with a smile by developing new hobbies and interests, inculcating good habits and values in the hope that one day, all this will be of some use. And trust me, it will be. The fact that everything is slowly getting back to normalcy, many people infected are somehow recovering, and their stories of fighting back to life to give us nothing but hope. The hope for a better tomorrow and the gush to keep moving.

No matter how many stars you reach, there will always be that one point in time when your growth will be stagnant. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to change a thing. That’s when you hope that the few stars you’ve got along don’t get lost in the search for brighter skies. Because when darkness hits, it’s the stars who shine. This year’s theme Pandora’s Box: A flicker of hope, has driven me each day to keep working hard and, most importantly, not to lose hope. Because no matter what the situation is, no matter how hard the times get, there’s always that one voice that will stop you from losing hope. And that flicker of hope, my friend, is right within you.



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2023 - Spring - Issue 3