EWB holds series of Thanksgiving events

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 26, 2018

Thanksgiving has passed, and with it came a reminder that not everyone can go home for the holidays to spend it with their family and blood relatives. So, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) has begun drumming up holiday spirit by giving the sale of care packages for "Friendsgiving," so that we can celebrate the holidays with our friends by offering them some of the comforts and love they would receive at home, right here on campus.

The Friendsgiving packages have three options: (i) Ramen Package which includes Maruchan Cup Noodle, Seaweed Crisps, and shrimp crackers, (ii) Cocoa Package which includes Ghiradelli Premium Hot Cocoa Double Chocolate mix and S’mores, and (iii) Turkey-Cider Package which includes cider package, turkey jerky and fresh fruits. Each package is priced at $5, and for another $5 you could add bath bombs, blankets, mugs or a cookie package. Whoever you choose as the recipient for the package will have it delivered to their room, while commuter students will receive an email letting them know that someone has sent them a package. Each package could also be accompanied by a personalized, cute message of your choice, and a card will be attached as well! The packages were sold on the MTCC Bridge during lunch hours until November 16.

EWB also hosted a movie night on the 17th at Wishnick Auditorium. The event, titled "Cocoa with Hot Cocoa" was just a way for students of Illinois Tech to destress before the final onslaught of projects and exams this semester. While the turnout was less than expected, everyone there definitely appreciated the effort that had gone into the planning and execution of the event.

Next semester, EWB plans on hosting their annual gala event where they auction off a variety of different items to raise money for their current ongoing project, which in this case, is centered in Bolivia. The first assessment trip will be made over the winter break this semester, and then the consequent steps will be decided in the spring. The Gala will be a way to bring together alumni and companies willing to extend a helping hand towards us as we attempt to find solutions to the problems of these children.




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