Fahrenheit 176

TechNews Writer
Mon Oct 22, 2018

I tend to over steep my tea because I don’t want to miss any flavour

This weekend I watched twenty videos on how to get my life back together

I’ve been scrubbing the floor for the past forty-three minutes

I wish I could scrub the stains from my life

But I know I need them there to connect the moments


"Pet Cheetah"                           Twenty One Pilots

"Cry Baby"                                 The Neighbourhood

"idontwannabeyouanymore"      Billie Elish

"Morph"                                      Twenty One Pilots

"The Other Side Of Paradise"    Glass Animals

"Noch da"                                   Cro

"&run"                                         Sir Sly


Tomorrow I’ll wake up in a room, the air crisp, faint smell of Fabuloso

The light pure, direct contact to these walls without dust to swirl in the way

For now I’ll chase soap suds across the linoleum

As my tea waits, tepid, on the counter above


"Saints Preservus"                    Andrew Bird

"Love, Come And Save Me"     Right Away, Great Captain!

"World on Fire"                          Louis The Child

"Lullaby"                                    Atlas Bound

"All’s Well That Ends"               Rainbow Kitten Surprise

"Visions Of China"                    The Lumineers



Appears in
2018 - Fall - Issue 7