Guiding spirits: faith or just a coincidence

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 29, 2021

Often, guiding spirits are remembered in case of dilemmas. It’s said you just need to ask your question in the universe and your spirits would respond to you in any form of signs. It also could be the case that after the question has been asked, we seek for the particular answer we want to hear and not what we need to hear, and people term it as their spiritual guidance. Well you don’t have to keep your practicality up on the shelf in order to believe in spirituality. There is a thin line between being blinded into spirituality or astrology and being aware of the potential consequences. 

Well! I am a profoundly practical human, but I do very much believe in signals! The universe always has its ways to convey a message to you. It could be a signal approving of the path you have chosen or to protect you from possible worse circumstances. All it takes is a little faith in the universe and yourself. We don’t have to blindly follow the signals or consider anything as a sign. It takes pure self consciousness to understand the given sign and take action on it. People say it’s just a coincidence that situations happen when it’s all just in your head. But it’s magical to believe in guidance from the universe, it makes your life more livable. Life becomes interesting with theories like these, whether they actually happen or it's just in our talks, but at least it gives you a different perspective to look at things. And plus a new way to find solutions for your life troubles.

The universe can sometimes notify you through dreams as well. You will be thinking about a scenario up in your head and there will be a dream showing up relating to the exact same thing. And now it depends on whether you want to really think upon it or not. And when it happens, one may freak out, but I think this should be taken as a blessing where you could foresee situations or at least be aware of what could come your way ahead. Such events happen with humans with pure hearts and clarity in their mind. Even the problem you have should be clear to you. Another side of such theory is about angels. We get introduced, at some given point in our lives, to our angels in a human form, who are meant to untangle our life and give us a new hope. Personally I don't have a firm point of view on this one. But there is no harm believing in it if it's giving you a cause to live happily and assuring you about solutions to the problems.



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