Finding Family Away from Home: Importance of Friendships for International Students

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 06, 2023

Many of us arrive at college having lived a certain way for our entire lives, following an extensive procedure from application to actually arriving at the destination. Finally, On January 10, I landed in Chicago with numerous questions in my mind starting from “how would I book a cab?” to what classes I might register for and if I will be able to pass the exam or not, and so on. The reason behind this was being the first in my family to leave India. After reaching out to my roommates, I realized that everyone had similar questions in their minds.

There is a saying that you are an average of five people you spend time with, it is turning out to be true in my case. For many students, the most significant consideration is selecting a suitable roommate. While some friendships may not flourish, others can develop into lifelong connections. While some students opt to room with high school friends, others take a chance and choose a random roommate. Nonetheless, social media often plays a role in the decision-making process. My roommates are highly competent, and ambitious and we share a lot of common interests. The unconditional support they give is amazing. It has been only two months, but they have become my new family here. Not only my roommates but the clubs at school or any social event which I attended are helpful in one way or the other.

Having friends who become like family provides a strong support system especially when they're experiencing similar obstacles as you. They understand you better, and you can count on them to have your back around the clock, not out of obligation but rather because they genuinely want to be there for you. The beauty of having such friends is that you get to choose them yourself, and no one can force them to do anything they're not willing to do. These friendships have taken special space in my life, and I guess similar thoughts you would have experienced.

Overall, the experience of international students is diverse and unique to each individual and their relationships with others. But friends are the ones who are always available be it in any situation.



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