Futura Free

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 11, 2019


Leaves gently descend to their resting place

Wind shifts weightless corpses with no resistance

Rays of warmth bring color to this airspace

We lie down, enjoying our existences


Time halts while our worlds condense into one

Fingers lost in the canvas that is her

Your composition of words leaves me stun

Tears fall, remembering what we once were


Although it was shortly lived, I still dream

Some under the sun; some under the moon

That I could relive our complex love scheme

And I would sleep to your lovely word tunes


Left with empty bottles and broken hearts

Longing for a glimpse into your world now

Wanting to experience your fine arts

For this, I would make unbreakable vows


But I lie alone, lifeless like the leaves

This is truly the end is what I believe



Appears in
2019 - Spring - Issue 7