Can we solve global warming?

TechNews Writer
Mon Oct 31, 2022

We are always so caught up in our own lives that we never realize that we are surrounded by a world so beautiful and magical. A world full of wonder and delight. However, we have tainted that world with our selfish deeds. We as humans were born in a world where our primary objective was the protection of nature; however, we have grown to become people who don't even realize its true meaning anymore, which is a sad product of evolution.

Many believe that the reason for this void in our relationship with nature is due to technology, but that it is not true. The reason for this void is our negligence towards nature while exploring this very technology which was only invented to better our lives. We live in a society driven by money and materialistic mindsets, which have led us to become shallow. What started out as an innocent idea of urbanization to bring ease into our lives has become a path leading to our downfall.

Global warming is not just the destruction of nature but also the destruction of humanity. In terms of global warming, one of the main worries right now is climate change. This fall, there have been temperature swings in Chicago, with the city's temperatures dipping and increasing quickly. Effective management of the gas released into the atmosphere can stop climate change. By using renewable energy sources like solar energy and electric energy, different gasses like carbon monoxide and chlorofluorocarbon can be minimized.

Global warming can be catastrophic, but it is solvable. The solution would be to mend our relationship with nature and connect with it once again while realizing its importance in our lives. We can save the dying magic of our world if we look beyond ourselves and work together for the greater good.

Numerous groups are currently working to protect our environment and combat climate change. Where possible, global reforms are being made to save natural and non-renewable resources. There are numerous laws and rules that protect the environment and client change. We can take the necessary steps to protect the environment steadily.



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