The Greatest Gift Ever-Love

Distribution Manager
Mon Nov 23, 2020

The only bond that you can share with anyone, with anything, and in fact with everything in this world is love. Life is what you make it and love is what you show it. It starts with the simplest action, such as easily sharing chocolate with a friend or showing kindness towards a stranger. It doesn't cost a cent to show love but can produce results that are worth millions. Love in this world can be received easily but expressing the same love to others is what we require. We must begin love from within us, when done so, it induces the confidence to create and spread love to others. We are the masters in any relationship, no matter how hard it is and there is nothing we can't solve through love. Love is always followed by care, kindness, and empathy, the most disappearing constituents in us today.

Recently love has turned into a materialistic transaction to validate feelings. Today buying gifts is the predominant way to show love. When love is started perceiving through objects, it starts losing its value. The major reason is we started accumulating love and storing it just for us. We want to be loved more than we want to give it. This creates an imbalance and ultimately spreading love starts diminishing. Love is always synonymous with selflessness. The more selfless we make it, the more happiness we spread in this world. It is like a magic seed from fairy tales that we put in this world and it only keeps growing. 

When we care too much about something, we want to protect and persevere.  For example, you have a pen that you love and you care about a lot, you only keep it for yourself. But when you take the step of being selfless and give away the pen to someone who equally loves it, the joy is immeasurable. Love stays not in objects but in the minute things we do in the lives of others. It stays in a smile, it stays in the words we use, it stays in our attitude, it stays in our compassion. Only these things can be reciprocated abundantly and create a meaningful impact in the world. Kindness and love is the only way to unite us all. Although it's greatest enemies such as ego, greed, envy, and hate come in the way, love always defeats them all. 

Keep spreading love. Most of us in this world need it in excess!



Appears in
2020 - Fall - Issue 10