What the "Haunting of Bly Manor" has to say about Relationships

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 02, 2020

*Major Spoiler Warning*

Note: This article contains major spoilers for “The Haunting of Bly Manor” Netflix show. If you have any desire to watch the show for yourself, then it would be wise not to proceed reading until you have done so. 

Who would imagine a show with a primarily creepy and suspenseful vibe would finish with such a depressing but also pleasant ending? To see such a development between Dani and Jamie was truly a treat. And though the results may have been dreadfully tragic I believe that there is something deeply beautiful about it.

Their relationship truly had time to blossom (puns aside). Jamie went from being an associate simply looking out for Dani’s well being, to a friend trying to cheer her up, to a potential partner that opened up her heart despite all of its locks, to a loving and devoted significant other until the very end. 

I don’t mean to brush aside the fact that another LGBTQ+ couple featured in a TV show was killed off. But dare I call this case different? Or at least something to be considered. Jamie knew what she was getting herself into. Perhaps there was some denial to her decision, but regardless, she made the decision because she reasoned that love was worth the tragedy or sadness that may follow. Dani and Jamie did go on to have a happy life together for a few years. They traveled around, created a business together, had their own apartment, even kept up with old friends. They had a happy life. 

All supernatural happenings aside, I find the ending truly poetic. It teaches something about love. When we truly love someone, we submit ourselves to many things. One of the darker of those things, whether we choose to think about it or not, is the idea of living in a world without our significant other. With this in mind, why would anyone resign themselves to such despair? Why go through the trouble of loving someone if in the end it will make you feel wanting? What many people find is that the answer to those questions is "yes."

It is an undeniable truth that our time in this world is finite. Just as well, the time we spend with the ones we love is also finite. However, we can see why it is worth any despair we may be left with when we realize that we are much happier knowing we even experienced the times spent together. This could be applied to so many our scenarios aside from just our significant others. Every conversation, every smile, every inside joke, every good time stays with us far after they are gone. And I’m sure many can attest to this: we wouldn’t trade those little moments for the world.

The show displays this idea clearly. Jamie knew the risks and the potentially inevitable tragedy to come but decided that any amount of time with this wonderful if a bit jumpy woman was worth any tragedy. She accepted the burden because she wanted to experience those moments of love and was willing to stay with Dani to surmount any obstacle even if it was ultimately futile. The line about Jamie’s ghost story being more of a love story may have been a bit cheesy for me, but it was definitely fitting for the direction the story went in. If anything, you got to admit that hiding a ring in the flower pot and then bringing it home saying, “Oh it just looked so sad,” like it was a lost puppy was freaking adorable.



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