A healthcare bot

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Mon Oct 05, 2020

In this current situation, a lot has changed, our habits, morals, and behavior as well. We are in a situation where the united we fall, divided we stand. We immensely depend on science for answers, cures, and solutions. While we are on the way of developing a vaccine, we have come up with some remedies, tests, and solutions to make our lives simple, among which we are now turning towards the implementation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things (IoT), and more.

In my opinion, one such solution is a healthcare bot. Yes, voice-enabled healthcare bot!

Nowadays, Chatbots have become a savvy medium for aiding in almost every field. It answers questions precisely and tackles issues quicker than we humans can, in a way reducing the load on the human. Looking at the current situation, they check several boxes on the list of measures, and that includes social distancing, touch-free service, sanitization, and all others too.

So a solution to this can be a bot designed and programmed to provide instructions regarding general rules to be followed, the do’s and don’ts, and all the necessary queries related to COVID-19. It would be awesome if we can make our bot voice-enabled because an idle bot during the current situation should be touch-free and at some point, is self-sanitized. The bot would have a friendly look, supported by a soft and patient voice which would help people to calm down and avoid panicking.

To develop such a bot, we can use the Azure bot service by Microsoft, as it provides a wide range of cognitive services that could leverage the potential of the bot. It is also very easy and reliable to train the knowledge base according to the requirements. Further, as long as it has an internet connection and a battery installed within it, the bot can be placed or used anywhere at any time. Apart from that Microsoft has also come up with a bot called healthcare bot, which can answer questions, solving queries, and help.

So, using Azure bot service we can design our bot. A motion/gesture detection mounted on top with some proximity sensors and IR module is what a full-fledged high-end bot would look like. It would be capable of detecting the body temperature, pulse rate, heart rate, and helpful in providing an estimate of COVID-19 by doing a survey analysis on its symptoms.

Also, this bot won’t be just limited to the COVID-19 virus, we have several use-cases, so many diseases to work on and so much to do. It is safe to say that in such conditions where we need to maintain social distancing and less physical interaction. A bot like this sitting at any corner would be helpful to mankind and lessen the burden on the healthcare professionals.



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2020 - Fall - Issue 5