Heartwarming souvenirs and the emotional connection to them

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 20, 2021

When we talk about souvenirs, the first thing that comes to our minds is something materialistic or something with a price tag maybe, but let’s talk about gifts that brings warmth to you. Thinking about them breaks your heart a little, and sometimes looking at them gives you motivation. Souvenirs are one of the things in my life that keep my hope in love alive, and make me believe life goes on. People move on, but the love and affection stays.

I want you to ask yourself one question, what is that one gift you’ve received and you would never in million years forget how it made you feel.

Once I asked the same question to one of my artist acquaintances and he replied, "All of the art he creates is because of his dad and his genes and that it made his life worth living." My heart felt the warmth.

I’ll list down the souvenirs that touched my heart,

  1. While moving between countries and making such big change in my life one thing that bothered me was cooking. I’ve never cooked in my life since I used to stay with my mom, but my mom made sure I wrote all the recipes in my cookbook. So now, even if I moved, the one thing I won’t miss is my mom’s handmade food. The best souvenir one can receive.
  2. My late grandmother taught me chess, and that has been the most amazing thing to me. When in lockdown, chess was one of the things that kept me sane, and I’m so thankful for her for teaching me this board game in childhood.
  3. One of my friend printed my vision board on a phone cover, so I can look at it every day.
  4. My best friends gifted me houseplants on my 21st birthday and that’s honestly the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received.
  5. One of the guys I went out with knew I was missing my family, had periods on and was isolated because of COVID-19, honestly, I was going through a lot but he kept chocolates and fruits outside my room with a handwritten note. Ladies, chivalry is not dead, keep your hopes up.




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