How Do You Choose?

TechNews Writer
Mon Oct 01, 2018

How do you choose?
How do you select who deserves to live and who deserves to die?
How is it that one life is worth more than another?
What gives you the right?
Who lets you decide?

How do you choose?
How is it that the life of a fetus within a woman’s womb
Is worth more than the 3-year-old Black baby
Starving from poverty in your streets
Or the two-year-old with cancer
Struggling to breathe from under his sheets
Or the hundreds of infants and toddlers
Whose homes are torn apart
By mindless violence
By bombs, grenades, and greed
Why is the 24-week-old fetus, not yet a child
More important than the millions of living children you turn away
Slaves, laborers, prostitutes
They’re scattered in every corner of the world
Forced to beg, forced to work
Bought and sold right under your nose every day
What about them, what about the rest of their days?

How do you choose?
Because at the end of the day
It’s not about the sanctity of life
Or the miracle of birth
It’s about determining their values,
Calculating their worth
For these children are just an excuse
Pawns in your endless games, of politics and greed
It was never about them
It was always about creating the soldiers you need
To work and breathe by the rules you lay
To become nothing more than mindless slaves you won’t need to pay
It’s not innocent children you seek to protect
It’s their usefulness when they’re trapped in your net

How do you choose?
So this is the answer,
This is the way
But, I beg you, just for today
Look inside of yourself and think
These are lives you play with, not dolls and ink
Next time you rise to make this same argument again,
Think first
How do you choose?
How can you choose?