How I almost canceled going to Michigan

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Mon Apr 04, 2022

Back in India, I used to travel a lot, probably because I had the time and knew the resources to go anywhere anytime. But now in Chicago, doing my masters, it has all changed. I neither have enough time nor know any means to travel around. All I was able to do in the last six months was explore Chicago and travel to some nearby states. Thanks to the Vedic Vision Society, a student organization here at Illinois Institute of Technology that is aiming to make sense of today’s world thru the lens of Vedic Wisdom. They had planned a spring getaway to Ypsilanti, a beautiful small town in the state of Michigan. Looking back I kind of feel silly for almost not going on this trip, yes you read it right. I was not supposed to go on this trip.

One random Thursday morning, this message pops up saying that there is a spring getaway organized by the Vedic Vision Society. I have been attending their weekly session for quite some time and seemed to find it relaxing and peaceful in this chaos. I was so excited that I filled out the registration form almost immediately, but later realized that I had an exam within a couple of days of the return. I had to cancel the plan with a heavy heart. Later I read a quote that said if you really want something the entire universe works to make that happen. As such, later that week there were some changes in plans and the trip had to be postponed, so now I could go and still have time to prepare for my exam. All I thought was that it was going to be a great getaway. Little did I know that I was signing up to make memories that would last for a very long time.

I will save the experience of the trip for another article, but on the whole, it was a wholesome trip. On returning back I had a different perspective on everything that is happening, and I was at peace for once. One important thing I learned from this getaway was that we should embrace the smallest of things that are happening to us and enjoy the present, and it is okay to take things slowly. Actually, it is beautiful to take things slowly.



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