How time management affects our lives

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Mon Mar 01, 2021

Being a grown up brings a lot of freedom. Everything depends on our choices and we are solely responsible for how we make our decisions between our given options. Though we are free to choose, with a great amount of freedom comes great responsibility as we need to decide what is good for us and what’s not.

One such important thing to choose is how we spend our time throughout the day. It’s all up to us if we want to laze around watching a T.V. series in bed or if we want to do something productive which might lead to self improvement. Well, I’m not saying that one shouldn’t laze around, but being lazy all the time might not bring many benefits in long run.

Although time management is something that is recommended by almost every successful person, it is one of the most commonly neglected part of our lives. With the stay-at-home lifestyle over the past year, it has become more common due to the comfort of working from home and liberty to work anytime.

People who manage to keep a check on their time and maintain a regular routine generally tend to be healthier, both physically and mentally. Small routines like exercising for half hour or reading something for at least 15 minutes can contribute a lot towards seeing cumulative results over a period of time.

Following a strict routine or continuing a particular habit which can be beneficial for us, like going early to bed and waking up early might be difficult to follow at first, but once we are accustomed to it, it’s not difficult to perform it regularly. Though habits and routines are one thing, managing time can be much easier than developing a completely new habit or following a strict routine.

While routine is something that is strictly laid out and needs to be followed on a repetitive basis, the same doesn’t apply to time management. Time management can be anything from listing out tasks to be completed by the end of a particular day to well laid out planner of all activities to be performed during the day.

It’s not necessary to have a fixed schedule laid out, although having one surely helps a lot to effectively utilize our time. Starting with just a small change of maintaining a planner of all activities that were done throughout the day can help us improve a lot and become better versions of our present selves.



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