Are humans just bots?

TechNews Writer
Mon Aug 30, 2021

Are we really humans or just programmed bots? In my opinion humans and computer science technologies have enough resemblance to prove that we are nothing more than bots. Let me try to convince you, but please try to keep an open mind.

In computer science, there is a principle concept called object-oriented programming, in layman’s terms one gets to create a template with several key attributes and functionalities.  Later, we get to reuse this template by making as many copies as we want and editing the internal constituents. In a similar fashion, human anatomy, or for that matter any living organism’s anatomy is the template or a class. Copies of the class are called objects, so each human or organism is an object. The difference in each human, both physical and characteristic pertains to change in the attributes of the object. So let us say there are two persons, person A and person B, person A’s object might have an attribute called gender which assumes the value male whereas person B’s same attribute gender might assume the value female. Thus, from the only class of human anatomy, two objects with gender male and female were created. In a similar fashion, when multiple such attributes are changed to create different objects(humans).

Classes, along with attributes contain functions, so the template (class) will contain some pre-defined functions which are common to every human. Each object (individual humans) has several functions implemented in a significantly different fashion, for example, a function named entertainment might execute unique from individual to individual. Considering the same example as earlier, person A might have an entertainment routine like preparing good food, watching Netflix whereas person B’s routine might be the opposite like running, swimming, etc. Like this, there will be numerous functions that help humans to walk, talk and do everything that we are capable of.

Now one might say bots cannot do things on their own, well let us not skip over the super cool field that’s rocking the entire tech market these days: artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence learns from the data and can make decisions. That is how a child learns to make decisions. The child can identify and differentiate a car from other motor vehicles by looking at several cars, and remembering the attributes like shape, structure, number of wheels, sound, and others. Adult brains are just pre-trained super-intelligent models that can perform several tasks and enable us to make all the decisions.  

In conclusion, I believe that humans are nothing but supremely intelligent and super-fast computer systems, so try to love this advanced technology like how you love your other tech gimmicks. Fun fact, the human eye is the best camera, use that more often to get good shots of the scenic beauty in this world.














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