Illinois Tech A Capella Hosts Open Mic Night

Technews Writer
Fri Aug 31, 2018

What Saturday night is complete without a little entertainment? On Saturday, August 25, Illinois Tech’s a capella groups set out to provide patrons of the Bog with an evening of music and enjoyment. Kicking off the year with an open mic night, Illinois Tech A Capella got students interested in the organization and ready to try their hand at performing. They also hosted their auditions on August 28 and 29.

Members of Illinois Tech A Capella dazzled the crowd with their musical talent, while also inviting anybody to show off their skills or just have some fun. Performers even got the audience involved, singing or clapping along to such crowd-pleasers as Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me,” (what can I say, I’m a fan of the classics) and “Breaking Free” from "High School Musical."

The only thing that surprised me was the lack of audience members; on a Saturday night, the Bog was only partially full. Considering the venue, entertainment, and free food, I expected the place to be teeming with students there to take advantage of the provided nachos or to sing along with their friends. So, where were the students? Surely not studying or doing homework, it was only the first week of classes. My only guess is that there was a lack of publication, though plenty of fliers were hung around campus. 

I encourage Illinois Tech students to open their eyes and take a look at the opportunities around them; there are so many exciting and enjoyable events taking place right here on campus. In my past two weeks here, I’ve noticed so many students “shelling up” and eating alone at The Commons or staying in their rooms all day. I’m by no means trying to shame these introverts as I’m a culprit of these actions myself. I just wish more students would reach out to one another and take the chance to have fun. I know we’re at a tech school and we’re all focused on getting good grades, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a break once in a while to attend an open mic night or reach out to some friends.

Personally, I really enjoyed the a capella groups’ open mic night, though it would have been a far more pleasant time had I not been lurking the back corner, alone. So Illinois Tech students, I challenge you to talk to someone new today. Why stop there? Talk to five new people! Say "hi" to those you pass in MTCC! Eat lunch with the girl sitting alone, if she’s not busy.

And sing a little karaoke with your friends at the next open mic night. Or just come and listen. I know I’ll be there.



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