Illinois Tech Game Night - a relatively decent Friday night

Mon Nov 15, 2021

I had a relatively decent time at Illinois Tech Game Night on November 13, 2021, sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA), Union Board (UB), and the Office of Campus LIfe (OCL). The event, which took place in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center, hosted a raffle for free posters and a 40” television, the latter of which was won by Tori Belotti. Chartwells catered the event with chicken wings and walking tacos — a middle-America concoction of meat, cheese, vegetables, and salsa of choice added to a normal bag of Cheetos, Doritos, or Fritos — with refreshments as well. Games were hosted by Chess Club, “Warhammer 40k” Club, and a number of organizations. The event started at 7:00 p.m., with its wings and games, and the event mostly concluded with the raffle held at 9:00 p.m. It was fairly well attended, not as much as events like Union Board’s MTCC Late Night or larger homecoming activities, but the wings were a very strong draw, even in the face of the first cold snap and wintery weather of the year.

Personally, I had a fairly decent time at Game night — nothing crazy fun but nothing incredibly underwhelming. I’m not sure I actually touched an actual game the whole night, but I mostly just socialized with a collection of mildly involved-on-campus students and friends over wings and watched my fair share of other people playing games. It was on-par for a night of wings with friends and acquaintances, so absolutely not a bad night at all! 

My night started by heading over to campus from my apartment — all the way on Halsted, about a mile even from campus — just after 7:00 p.m. with my friend and Finance Board member Suhaib Shahab. From there, we briefly checked out the games before heading into Center Court for the wings. There, after loading out plates with a couple of wings each, we headed over to pester Seth Wissenbach, an old friend of mine, a fellow biomedical engineering major, and Chartwells’ student representative who was working the event. After we ate and talked for a while, we saw SGA President Ben Barber and waved him down so we could pester him about the event, classes, his time as a graduate student at the University of Chicago, and how the event was going from SGA’s point of view.  

A lowlight of the night came when I jokingly disparaged my former bosses for being “ancient,” 30 years old actually, before Barber himself revealed he was 32 years old. While the table was floored — by then also including SGA Executive Assistant Joel Kelsey and Kai Flores of the Office of Campus Life — Barber confirmed, adding that he finished his undergrad in 2008 and his graduate degree in the University of Chicago in 2017. It made my former comments labelling anybody more than 6 months older than me as a “boomer” in slightly bad taste. To add insult to injury, I gave Barber a hard time about commuting to campus in a car before realizing I had gone too far. My comments asking if he chops down entire forests full of trees or runs over crowds of bikers on his commute may have been in bad taste. 

I’m bracing for the impending SGA disbandment or defunding of TechNews as we speak. 

All jokes, of course, I had an amazing time talking over wings with the small number of SGA members I mentioned above. Of course some others joined, including Tori Belotti the eventual television winner, but listing the name and relation of every friend and acquaintance I talked to would make this piece longer than a Jack Hamilton article.  

Speaking of Hamilton, Shahab, and I left Center Court after wings and visited the “Warhammer 40k” Club room, visiting briefly with Hamilton and watching his tabletop game unfold. We watched in awe — or horror — at the number of shouted dice rolls, figurines, and heated arguments over the minutiae of the game, though it was apparent all of the members were having a good time. I pestered Hamilton about his ongoing experiment to write out the entirety of the game’s lore. Other members responded that it was impossible to compress the story further than Hamilton already had, while others summarized it into one sentence or even a small number of paragraphs. Perhaps they should join TechNews and consider contributing in Hamilton’s place for “Warhammer” lore.

After wandering around afterwards, around 8:20 p.m. or so, I saw that the wings were already finished and most of the club game events were only attended by a few pairs or small groups at this point. For most attendees, the night was finished when the wings were. 

Interestingly, just afterwards I was informed that students needed to be present in order to be eligible for the raffle draw. This news had apparently not reached the rest of the student body. As such, Shahab and I stuck around until the draw at 9:00 p.m.

For the raffle draw, there were about two dozen people total in the Center Court — and one bird, including the Scarlet Hawk mascot — though there were 50 names entered in the draw for the television and 75 for the posters, according to an estimate by Barber. As such, with the Scarlet Hawk mascot bearing witness, about five names of absentees were drawn before Belotti’s name was drawn to be the winner of the television! The same pattern followed for the draws for the extra prizes, where three to five names were drawn who were not in attendance before the name of somebody present was. Afterwards, Shahab and I braved the elements for our frigid walk home to Bridgeport, freaking the winter weather to come. 

Overall, Game Night was about as good as a night of hanging out with wings and acquaintances, which is to say: not bad at all! It was not poorly attended; the wings were a good draw, but the poor weather may have driven some away. TechNews would like to thank everybody involved in planning this event!



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2021 - Fall - Issue 10