Impact of esports on college students

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Mon Feb 06, 2023

Esports or competitive video gaming, has become more popular in recent years, with college students playing a major role in this trend. The impact of esports on college students has been both positive and negative, with a range of benefits and drawbacks to consider.

One of the most significant benefits of esports for college students is the potential for career opportunities the industry is offering. There are many jobs available in areas such as game development, broadcasting, and event management, not to mention the actual playing part as well. College students who are passionate about esports can take advantage of these opportunities and turn their hobby into a career.

Esports teams and clubs offer students a chance to connect with others who share their interest in gaming. This sense of community benefits the people who feel isolated on campus living far from their families. Esports demand critical thinking and the ability to work in teams, which boosts confidence and logical thinking capability of students. Playing video games in a competitive way enhances problem solving and cognitive skills which can improve overall academic performance. I personally love playing video games during the exam season, it helps me to activate my brain cells.

On the other hand the most obvious negative effect is risk of addiction. Students may spend excessive time on video games, neglecting important responsibilities such as coursework, social interactions, and career development. Furthermore, video gaming is a sedentary activity that can negatively impact physical health, increasing the risk of heart disease, obesity, and other health problems.

However, esports remained as a hot topic among young guns in this fast-paced generation. Who would believe if I said we have a dedicated esports room in Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago? It is true, you can find it in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center (MTCC) room 725. If you're completely beat up by the first month blues of spring semester, you can swing by and have a look, spend some quality time esports-ing.

One pressing concern about the esports section here at the Illinois Tech is there is no team/club for mobile esports division. Since many First-Person Shooting (FPS) games are extending their services onto mobile devices, one can easily access the fun over fingertips. For example, “Player Unknown Battle Grounds: Mobile” generated millions of fans around the globe. According to Sensor Tower, the game’s total revenue has now crossed $9 billion. Similarly, other FPS games like “COD Mobile”, “Apex Legends Mobile”, “Fortnite Mobile” attracted many gaming enthusiasts. I strongly believe and encourage people with similar interest to come forward and make a club for mobile esports lovers that represent Illinois Tech.

In conclusion, the key is to strike a balance between the pros and cons, and to participate in esports in a responsible and healthy manner. Whether it is a traditional computer game or latest mobile game, the objective is to have fun.





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