The Importance of Staying in Touch

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 04, 2019

The last week of October was one of the most fascinating weeks for me since it was time to celebrate Diwali, also called The Festival of Lights. It is one of the Indian festivals where families come together and bond over a good meal and catch up with what is happening in each other’s life. Well, for me and for that matter, the majority of Indian students here at Illinois Tech, we were definitely going to miss the celebrations back home. But that did not prevent me from visiting my school friends, who are my family here.

The week before Diwali weekend was pretty hectic with lots of assignments, submissions, and projects to be completed. Story of everyone’s life here, considering the fact that the semester would end soon in the next five-odd weeks. Even though the academic part kept me low and down, the excitement to board that Greyhound bus on that Thursday night kept me going all along the week. The Greyhound journeys are never exciting for the fact that they are either delayed or canceled. I expected that the same would be happening again and it did. No surprises there. The 10-odd hour journey to Pittsburgh converted into a close to a 12-hour journey. Phewww!!!

Keeping the journey aside, I finally landed in Pittsburgh and caught up with my friends who were waiting for me. As soon as we met, we started doing the things we are best at; trash talks and pulling each other’s legs all the time. We made plans as to what has to be done over the weekend and we were proud that we achieved most of the things that we had planned to do. *Cheers* One thing I realized throughout the weekend in Pittsburgh is that the people that know you well always respect you for what you are and never judge you. But for that, it is important to stay in touch. Well, I learned the importance of it in a little hard way.

Not only me but I feel there have been times for everyone where they just don’t understand how time flies around them, because we tend to be so preoccupied with so many things. But that does not mean that you should lose touch with the world around you. You are active on all the social media, but that does not qualify to be in touch. Genuinely ask this question to yourself: When was the last time you called someone and asked them how they are? Forget about calling… a simple message just to know how they are? Well, we take such things for granted and don’t understand the importance of it till the time the person in front makes you realize it in a very hard way.

That’s what happened on the day of Diwali. I got a really bad reality check. Taking things for granted… Strictly NO!!! Never ever should that be done. I mean, here are your friends, who were there for you all the time in any situation, and how do you treat them back, just go off-radar and forget them. A mistake or to make it a harsh, a sin!!! Shattered and also a little bit broken, I was thrown totally off-course since I did not realize what I had done. But my friends, as always, with a big heart, embraced me. It is definitely going to take some time to make it up to them for the mistakes that I made but for the fact that they made me realize soon before the situation could get out of hand, ensured that I was back on track. It is as if I needed this to get back to reality and be more focused. For this, I am extremely grateful for them and I LOVE them for this.

If you can relate to the things I mentioned above and if you feel that you have not been in touch with the people who care for you, do not message, just dial the number and speak with them. Words are lost when we text. Just call your friends or your loved ones and tell them how you miss them, how you care for them and see how the day brightens for both you and them. Communication is one of the strongest things which keeps the world together, but we are so used to taking things for granted that we don’t know that we are committing a mistake. It is this simple tool that helps you to connect and stay in touch with people. So, what are you waiting for? Hang up on any work that you are doing right now and just call those people and see how the magic unfolds.



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