Importance of “Trusting the process”

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 28, 2022

One of my favorite quotes is “Everything happens for a reason!” which is synonymous to keep trusting the process. I love this particular line because it has not only helped me stay strong during my difficult times but it keeps me motivated most days. I know it is easier said than done but just think about it for a minute, what action you did last month or last year would have impacted you this week or yesterday. It is a cause-and-effect sequence looping through time.

As I was writing this piece I was stuck after the intro, but I did not want to drop this topic. With midterms coming up I wanted this piece to be a reminder for everyone to keep doing what they do and trust the process. But after a few hours of not getting any leads, I was frustrated yet I trusted that I would complete it no matter what and push it before the deadline. That is when I asked one of my friends to help me. She narrated this beautiful story which I think everyone must know.

There was this one king who used to rule a small and sad kingdom. He did not believe in himself thus he could not rule his kingdom properly. One day he found a ring and the interior of the ring was inscribed in gold, and it read “This too shall pass.” He was excited to know that the present was just temporary, which made him believe in himself and he went on to expand his kingdom. Later during his reign, he reached great heights, and because of excess power he turned evil (not Thanos kind of evil). He was arrogant to scholars and did not care well for the people. One day a scholar asked the king to re-read the inscription, “This too shall pass.” That hit the king hard, that is when he remembered his journey from ruling a small kingdom to ruling an empire. Knowing that he could lose everything just like how he got everything. He decides to correct himself and rule his subjects in a just manner.

I personally liked the positive aspect of this story, but I will never forget the negative aspect which will be a lesson that I will carry for life. I know many would be stressed with exams, assignments, job search, personal issues. But here is a reminder that everything is temporary, and only change is permanent so keep trusting the process, as Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said “for life is a journey and not a destination.”



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2022 - Spring - Issue 6