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Mon Oct 31, 2022

Yes, you guessed right: I am talking about pyramids. And where are pyramids famous? Egypt of course. The pyramids themselves are a wonder of architecture considering the timeline they were built in and given the types of engineering tools and skills the ancient Egyptians had access to. And not to mention, the pyramids were not just built for every person.

It was specifically designed and built by the people to hold their pharaoh after his death. And the interesting thing is that each pharaoh builds his own pyramid while he is alive, ready to be buried inside after he passes on. The Egyptians greatly believed that there is life after death and they took heavy measures to make sure their pharaoh had a comfortable journey to the afterlife and did not fail to keep the necessities he might need in his afterlife.

Let me tell you about the basic things which one might find in a pyramid. Firstly, the sarcophagus. This is the very specifically designed coffin for the pharaoh which represents the stature of the pharaoh. The grandest and richest sarcophagus belonged to king Tutankhamun. His headpiece is the most famous and widely seen.

Secondly, the Canopic jars which are used to hold the organs of the pharaoh were removed during the mummification process. Then, food and drinks of course. The people kept enough food and wine for their pharaoh to set him up for his next life. There were also boats and chariots inside. The reason to keep chariots was obviously the need to travel. But the reason for boats and paddles in the tombs is interesting.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the boats helped their pharaoh sail to their god of sun Ra and to their afterlife safely. There were also clothes, jewelry, oils and ointments, and everything they would need to get ready on a daily basis. One must keep in mind that the Egyptians were very concerned about their looks and even the kings did makeup. There were also weapons and games, obviously for warfare and entertainment in the afterlife. And one main thing as you would have seen in movies, there would be a curse inscribed on the walls for anyone who disturbs the sleep of the pharaoh. 




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