Do Travelling to India Considered safe at this time?

TechNews Writer
Mon Oct 04, 2021

Many have a question in their mind, do Indian travel advisable at this time? Will I be able to come back to the United States if I go back to India now? Anything can happen at any time. Mostly, many Indian Students, who are pursuing their education in the United States, are scared to visit their hometown because of the International travel bans, which happened unexpectedly in May. Also, most of the people I know suggested not to go. But I had an emergency in India, which made me take the risk on Sunday, Sept 5, 2021. So, I booked my flight in AirIndia from Chicago to Chennai, India. I went to the O'HARE International Airport carrying my backpack along with my 2 PC. Waiting in a very long queue at the check-in made me feel so tired. At that time, I was confused because of the people I knew. But I had no option since it was an emergency at that time. After a long wait, when my turn came, the check-in staff asked me to give my passport, RT-PCR reports, e-tickets, and Air Suvidha form. But I had no idea about Air Suvidha. They told me this form is mandatory to be filled by all International Arriving Passengers to India. They also warned me if I failed to fill that form before reaching India, they would send me back to Chicago at my own cost. So, I finished it before boarding. After an hour of wait, when the plane take-off, I was in relief of stress, and I had confidence that there would not be any flight ban. It was a peaceful 20 hours flight journey in which I spent most of my time sleeping. I booked my return ticket to Chicago on Wednesday, Sept 29, 2021, and everything is under control now. 

I always suggest you guys believe your instincts. If you want to do something, analyze the situation first and then check for the possibility. Also, do not make decisions based on what you heard from others. Make your own decisions because, in the end, your decision is final. If it is worth taking a risk for something necessary, then do it. 




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