Intinium and Pitch @ Illinois Tech

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Mon Feb 25, 2019

Many students on this campus recognize that there are several major problems plaguing this
school. From the hundreds of students who are confined to their dorm rooms to the lack of
representation in the administration, there is an issue that everyone wishes that they could fix on
campus. Well what if I told you that not only can you share your problem and potential solution with an
audience that will listen, but you could also receive many benefits from it? Intinium is a new
organization that is challenging students to get involved outside the classroom.

Intinium believes that college can be more than just going to classes, studying, and eating dry
chicken from the commons. They believe that this should be the place where you make meaningful
connections with peers and learn things that can be applied in your everyday life. They want to
strengthen the Illinois Tech community by hosting a competition between students. Teams of two,
three, or four people work together in order to pitch an idea to a problem they see or experience
around the community. There seems to be a lot of confusion on what the pitch can be about, and I think
that is one of the best things about this competition. Anything that you feel motivated to change or
address in the community can be the topic of discussion for your pitch. It is a very inclusive competition
and in order to make sure everyone is included; the rules are designed to make any one with an opinion
an available contender.

Now, several of you might ask about why you would want to do something like this. Some might
think it is just a self-made IPRO while others might argue that it is too broad. For starters, lets talk about
the experience. Thousands of students are at this school currently but only a handful are getting real
world experience. Many students get too lost in their books and exams that they don’t see the bigger
picture. They don’t truly get to experience everything college has to offer. This competition could not
only help you break out of that bubble but help you making connections in entirely new areas. Because
this is a cross curriculum event, many different people and organizations will be involved with it. Your
work will be viewed by the entire school meaning that someone from the College of Architecture might 
find that 3rd year mechies proposal for a new sprinkler system to be the future of irrigation. These are
the doors and opportunities that Intinium is trying to provide to this campus.

One of the driving incentives for some individuals might be the money and if we are being
honest, it’s a pretty good incentive. The team that claims first place will receive $1,000 while second
place takes $500 and third walks away with $250. Those are not the only rewards that Intinium is
throwing out. The hall/Greek house with the most participation will receive a food party for $250. Even
if you don’t think you can claim first, it is still worth it to get your floor involved in order to receive a
chance at the food party.

This event has several different rounds and events start on February 24 and they run until April
12. Make sure to sign up as soon as possible and registered your team. For more information about
Intinium, you can visit their websites at or contact Daniel Medina.




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2019 - Spring - Issue 5